Florida: Musings of a Convert in Paradise
By Jan McSween

A Yankee with a lifelong “bad-itude” regarding Florida has a change of heart, in Florida: Musings of a Convert in Paradise.

The ten days Jan spent vacationing on Captiva proved to be a major turning point in her life. In the process of reversing her initial, unfounded impression of Florida and reformulating a new view of it, Jan realized she loved Florida and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. 

When you’re fifty-two years old, married, living in the fabulous two-story Colonial that you and your spouse built on two acres of pristine Pocono’s woodlands, enjoying a comfortable life thanks to steady, well-paying jobs, people tend to think you’ve lost your mind if you chuck it all in to move twelve hundred miles away. 

The story of how it all started, where her life is now and all the madness that transpired in between, is funny, sometimes bizarre and almost always optimistic. If this middle-aged woman with a bad-itude can strip gears and end up living in paradise, then anything is possible. All it takes is the ability to dream, the wisdom to recognize your dream, and the desire to make it come true.

About the Author

Jan McSween lives in Venice, Florida, with her husband Rod and their four dogs.  Says Jan, “I am complete only when I am near the water.  Living near the Gulf of Mexico has fulfilled a lifelong dream and inspired an exciting, new, chapter in my life.  I am passionate about the preservation of our dwindling natural landscapes, the protection of our disappearing wildlife, and the advancement of the We (vs. the Me) ideology.”


Hard Cover - 6x9 - 154 pages - $23.50

 ISBN: 97978-1-60860-756-3
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