Once Upon a Time in Tehran
By Shirin Amani Azari

Meet the Author

Shirin Amani Azari was born and raised in Iran.  Mrs. Amani Azari left the country when she was 12 years old and never returned.  She is a counsellor/ therapist and lives with her husband and daughter, Maya in England.  Her book, a loving testament to her late-great grandmother, was written so that Maya could know the woman who had such a positive and lasting influence on her life.

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Once Upon a Time in Tehran by Shirin Amani Azari is a beautiful and touching fictional memoir inspired by true-life events.

Shirin is a twelve-year-old girl living in Tehran with her beloved family. A war is raging between Iran and Iraq in 1984 and Shirin’s father leaves to serve on the front line of the war zone. She overcomes her worries about his safety by listening to the wonderful tales her wise grandmother tells her – folk tales of ancient Iran (Persia).

When her father returns and she learns of the horrors that he has witnessed, Shirin is confused why her people and those of Iraq would engage in these atrocities.  She longs for normalcy and a sense of security; she wants her life back as it once was. 

Instead, her father decides they must depart Iran. Leaving behind her grandparents and extended family, Shirin is overcome with fears for their safety and of her family’s unknown destination. 

Once Upon a Time in Tehran is a fictionalized memoir describing life in Tehran during the war between Iran and Iraq. The longing for a normal life in an unfamiliar world is interwoven with cultural insights, celebrations, family bonds and the facts of living in a post-revolution Iran.

Specific to a place and time, yet universal in its themes, Once Upon a time in Tehran is a moving drama with mass appeal.



Hard Cover - 6x9 - 214 pages - $28.25

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