Sweetie's Healthy Start
By Terlene Terry-Todd

Travel to the beautiful village of Nimativ and meet the Portly family. Author Terlene D. Terry-Todd presents A Healthy Choice Story—Sweetie’s Healthy Start.  

In this light-hearted tale fit for the entire family, the author brings to light the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. She takes you into the home of the Portly family and reveals the bad health choices of each family member. 

Mr. O. Bese Portly smokes horrible green cigarettes one after another; Mrs. Patricia Plump Portly only eats fried foods;  their son Craven craves only processed foods; and their daughter Sweetie only eats the most sugary foods she can find.  

Each member of the family has very poor health habits, they never exercise or get any fresh air. Sweetie encounters an energetic friend on TV that helps her realize the poor state of her health.  Dramatic changes begin to occur as the Portly family discovers the joys of healthy eating, exercise and family fun. Join them on this healthy journey and uncover their unique and inspiring conclusion.

About the Author

Terlene D. Terry-Todd is a creative writer who has written over twenty children’s plays. Her inspiration for this book came from her need to stress the importance of healthy living, with the hope of changing the statistics on adult and childhood obesity. She plans on completing her series of healthy choice stories, and is working on a CD of original songs for children that focus on fitness and making healthy choices. Terlene currently resides in Sterling, VA with her husband and daughter.



Soft Cover - 7x10 - 28 pages - $12.99

 ISBN: 978-1-60693-829-4

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