The Closet Cove
By Terry "The Warrior" Reece with collaboration from Karoderick "ROD" Reece

The Closet Cove and the Evil Legacy of the Johnson Family Curse takes readers on a journey to a forbidden place, where a mysterious doorway leaves behind today’s world and travels through a portal to the Cove. 

The Cove is a closet that leads to a parallel universe of magic and wickedness, where 300 years ago cruelties were perpetuated by Debra Johnson, an evil witch and the ancestor of today’s Johnson family. 

What kinds of creatures lurk behind the closet door? And what kind of revenge awaits the descendants of those who burned the witch so many years ago? Behind the doors of The Closet Cove, the answer awaits.


About the Author

Terry “The Warrior” Reece began writing as a hobby in 1987. He wrote a line of books suitable for video games, films and animation. As he watched his 2-year-old playing the Super Mario video game, Reece realized that children could also learn other skills as they played. The Closet Cove first emerged as a poem he published in 1990. Reece began writing his Closet Cove stories as a magical place for children to visit when they wanted to escape the crazy world of adults. When Reece was a child, he was bullied and sought escape in his favorite hiding place, through the closet door that led up to the attic, which he called The Closet Cove. The prolific author grew up in Texarkana and now lives in Detroit. A 2002 Distinguished Poet of Merit Award winner, Reece is an internationally recognized poet and author.




Soft Cover - 6x9 - 72 pages - $9.95

 ISBN: 978-1-60860-698-6

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