The Invisible Chain that Enslaves Us
By Haywood Turrentine

Haywood Turrentine’s The Invisible Chain That Enslaves Us is a compelling and revealing narrative about how interpretations of the Bible have been rendered to reflect a religion’s agenda.


Most churches base their biblical teachings on the King James Version and tout it as the one and only true word of God. 

But is it?  Were there other books written and inspired by God?  The answer is yes and Turrentine contends these documents are no less relevant than the King James interpretation. 

Turrentine takes a hard look at various doctrines and reveals little-known facts about them.  Evidence supported by historians and theologians are included in his book—recorded data gives indisputable truth that these other writings are indeed the word of God and/or inspired by God. 

Learn what these writings are and what they said, before King James commissioned his translation.  Turrentine’s expertise on the subject, coupled with his years of study, creates a new understanding of how the clergy misuses the King James’ version of the Bible to suit their own beliefs and agendas. Controversial and intelligently written, Turrentine’s narration is thought-provoking and enlightening.


About the Author

Haywood Turrentine is a writer and retired CEO. Mr. Turrentine served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Rajasthan, India and, upon returning to the United States, obtained his Masters of Arts degree. He lives with his wife in Alabama.



Hard Cover - 6x9 - 148 pages - $22.75

 ISBN: 978-1-60860-417-3

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