The Power of Prayer
By Dana M. Barry, Ph.D.

Dr. Dana M. Barry writes an inspirational book, The Power of Prayer: A Science Educator’s Experience, about how prayer can and does make an enormous difference in every aspect of a human being; the mind, the body, and the spirit.  

She dedicates this book to everyone on the journey of life.  

Dr. Barry, a scientist and an educator, is a spiritually strong woman who believes in the power of prayer.  Through her work and study, she follows logic, proof and fact.  However, her faith and prayer are endless and extraordinary.           

Barry presents amazing examples of unique and astonishing responses to prayer. Citing references from the Bible, the Saints and Mother Teresa, her book is an enlightening and beautiful rendering of her own personal, spiritual journey.  

Read what people are saying about The Power of Prayer: A Science Educator’s Experience:

In her most recent book, The Power of Prayer: A Science Educator’s Experience, Dr. Barry draws on her professional experience and reflection on her unique personal religious experiences to provide the reader with an inspiring message about the power of prayer.  The telling of the story of her faith journey encourages the reader to find God in the routine of life and know that the Lord has a plan for each of us.”  

Rev. Terry R. LaValley, J.C.L., Rector, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Ogdensburg, NY 

Dana’s “spiritual side” is what gives her life purpose, joy, and meaning. After reading, you too will be inspired to begin your own journey, embrace the healing and wondrous power of prayer, and believe in the eternal love of God.

About the Author

Dana M. Barry, Ph.D. is the senior technical writer and editor at Clarkson University’s Center for Advanced Materials Processing and scientific board president for Ansted University.  Dr. Barry is also a chemist and has served as a visiting professor overseas.  She is a member of St. Mary’s Parish and lives in Canton, New York.             





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