The Wizard Next Door
By Ron Moss

When 13-year-old Kyle Jackson moves into a new neighborhood, he just wants to live a typical teenage life. However, he soon discovers that with a wizard living next door, life is anything but ordinary. 

In his new home, Kyle makes every effort to find his niche. He becomes good friends with the school nerd, Johnny Walker, and tries to help him become a hip popular kid. The pair become friends with the old man who lives in the creepy house next door to Kyle’s and he teaches the boys some cool tricks with magic. Little do they know the old man is actually Merlin, the legendary wizard from the time of King Arthur. 

Kyle also begins dating a beautiful cheerleader named Claudia. Claudia’s ex-boyfriend, Terry, is not happy with her new boyfriend, and after Johnny uses a magic trick he and Kyle learned from the wizard next door to embarrass Terry, it’s the last straw. Terry challenges Kyle to sneak in to Merlin’s house and, in the process, destroys an object of magic that has kept Merlin alive all these years.  

Now Kyle and his friends must find a talisman that will save Merlin. But Morgana, the evil witch who wishes Merlin dead, has other ideas. Faced with griffins, fire-breathing dragons, dead knights, and other terrible dangers, will Kyle and his new friends save Merlin’s life?

About the Author

Author Ron Moss lives in Arleta, California, where he works in corporate security for Farmers Insurance. His battle with dyslexia rendered him illiterate, but he overcame this obstacle, taught himself to read, and found his love of writing. He is currently working on his next book, titled A Small Act of Kindness.





Soft Cover - 6x9 - 198 pages - $14.95

 ISBN: 978-1-60911-077-2

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